Carpet Cleaning Prices, How are the figured?

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Carpet Cleaning Prices:

Per Room (up to 225 sq.ft.)(most rooms) $25.00

Rooms (225-350 sq. ft.)$37.50

Rooms (350 sq. ft. and up)$50.00

Hallway $15.00 (up to 4 ft. wide x 15 ft. long)

Large Master Bathrooms $15.00

Walkin Closets/Small Bathrooms $10.00

Small Room Closet/Hall Closets $5.00

Stairs, Steps $2.50 per step

Entire Stair Case: $30.00-$40.00

Carpet Protectant 50% of the area price

Pet Urine Treatment (By Quote)

Specialized spotting $37.50 for 1/2 HR. Includes Chemicals

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: By Quote Only

Spend over $90.00 in services and receive a free bottle of professional carpet spotter.

Proud to be an IICRC "Certified Firm".

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How are prices figured for carpet cleaning?

The industry recommended time to have carpets cleaned is every 6-18 months, no longer than every 2 years. The average homeowner has their carpets cleaned every 7 years. Often times, priority is just not given to this type of home maintenance. The reason for the discrepancy between the time recommended and the span before they are actually cleaned are a result of the mr. and mrs. homeowner not knowing how often this should be done, not to mention some misconception about costs.

Average Carpet Cleaning CostsThe average home has about 1000 square feet of carpet. The national average for carpet cleaning costs on this size home is $.30/sq ft, which brings the actual carpet cleaning cost to $300. So the typical home spends around $43 a year for clean carpets, if the carpets in that home are being cleaned on an average of every 7 years.

If you happen to have more carpet than a typical home, you are likely to get a discount, since your home is a bigger job. However, cleaning carpet costs will go up if you have less.

Less is MoreIn order for carpet cleaning companies to make a profit on homes with less than 1000 sq ft of carpet, they have to raise the price per sq ft. The company still has to drive to your home, quote the job (if this has not been done) make recommendations about children, pets, etc. answer questions, setup equipment, do the cleaning, breakdown equipment, and present the invoice. This takes time. So don't feel that you are being somehow cheated if your price per square foot or room is higher than your neighbors'. This is an industry standard.

Tips:If carpet cleaning costs are more than you think they should be, there are a few ways that can help you cut down on costs.

If you schedule a regular yearly cleaning with your carpet company, you are likely to be able to negotiate for a lower price.

Next, most companies who clean carpets also offer other types of cleaning service, such as upholstery and or duct cleaning. If you bundle some of the services together and have them performed by the same company on the same day, even though the entire cleaning will cost more, you will be saving money on each individual process, since they are only making one trip.

Carpets last longer and look better with regular cleanings, plus carpet traps dust, dander, and allergens that can cause health issues. This is an inexpensive process that does wonders for your home and family.

How To Avoid Carpet Cleaning Scams: Spotting The "Bait & Switch" Tactics

Unfortunately in the carpet cleaning business you will come across carpet cleaning scams, also called "bait and switch" tactics. We want to save you the headache. The following are popular tactics that are used in these carpet cleaning scams. Many unfortunate people have paid dearly when dealing with these scammers. Don't become a victim of a carpet cleaning scam. How can you spot a company that is trying to "bait" you to then "switch?"

* They Offer Unbelievable Low Prices: you've probably received coupons in the mail with unbelievable low prices. The ad/coupon may offer $5.95- $9.95 per room. Let's face it, we are attracted to low prices, but remember the old adage, "You get what you....." you know the rest. And don't forget the other goody, "if it's too good to be true.... you get the idea. In the industry this tactic is called "Bait & Switch." Bait & Switch is unlawful. What happens is that an unscrupulous carpet cleaning company will advertise low rates, and after you call to arrange an appointment or estimate, they will go to your home. Once they are in your home they will pressure you into buying "add-ons." What you thought was going to cost you $75.00, ends up costing you $200.00 or more. If the customer refuses the "add-ons," these companies have been known to have either walk away from the job, or do a poor job for the $5.95, using little or no product, and they will not guarantee their work.

* Make Unsupported Claims: Their ad will have lines like "this is the best cleaning method." The best cleaning method is one that is going to achieve your goals. Before choosing a carpet cleaning company, identify your goals, then select the method that best satisfies those goals.

* Water for carpet protection: They will claim to apply carpet protector, and sprinkle the carpet with a little water instead.

Maybe you've been a victim of one these scams. Sadly all types of businesses and professions have bad apples. Some companies will use unethical tactics to get your business, some are just down right dishonest. And unfortunately for us honest ones, these unscrupulous tactics cast a dark shadow on our entire industry. At 1-877 Quikdry, Inc., Carpet Cleaning we want to put your fears to rest. We are professionals who work hard to earn your trust and respect. We use no coupons, or gimmicks to get your business. Any reputable carpet cleaning company will tell you the cost of a job up front. We will give you a fair up-front price, period. The price we quote you is for a complete job, and a job performed to our highest standards.

Part of our commitment is to educate the public about these scammers. We want you to make an informed decision when selecting a carpet cleaning company. Before choosing any carpet cleaning company be sure they are not baiting you to then switch. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." The truth is, it may well end up costing you much more than we would charge you if you choose to go for the "unreasonably cheaper price." You will end up either paying a much higher price for the cleaning, or a cheaper price for a poor job. Think about that when you are ready to have your carpets cleaned.

All of the carpet in your home or office would look better and last longer if it is cleaned on a regular basis by a Certified professional. In fact, many manufacturers recommend professional cleaning to maintain warranties. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is an international, independent, non-profit certifying body. It was founded in 1972 to set standards for the cleaning/restoration service industry. The IICRC symbol is your assurance that the firm you hire has pledged to provide a qualified professional to care for your carpet and furnishings. IICRC Certification cannot be purchased. A firm qualifies by meeting rigorous standards of business ethics and expertise.

IICRC Certified Technicians:

* Have attended one or more IICRC - approved schools, successfully completing a written examination. * Maintain their credentials by participating in IICRC - approved continuing education programs. * Proudly offer proof of IICRC Certification. * Pledge to conduct business honestly, observing the IICRC Code of Ethics, and maintaining the highest standard of workmanship and service. * Are trained to identify fabrics and furnishings, to select approved cleaning methods, and to clean your furnishings with maximum safety and skill.

IICRC Certified Firms Are Your Best Choice Because:

* They are committed to provide cleaning and restoration services based on the highest standard of honesty and integrity. * They pledge to carry adequate liability insurance, and to implement quality assurance programs. * Their knowledge of cleaning and restoration is respected and recognized internationally by fiber producers, carpet and fabric manufacturers, and insurance company representatives.

IICRC Certified Firms and Technicians

* Certified firms have earned the right to display the IICRC logo and symbol of quality. They employ one or more cleaners or restorers who have achieved IICRC Certification through formal study, examination, and practical experience

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